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Estates of Niagara Adult Daycare Program seeks to help by offering families a warm, caring atmosphere where our daily visitors can enjoy the day and caregivers can savor a little extra time to relax and recharge.  When caring for a loved one it can be challenging to find time just to shop and run errands, much less to relax and recharge.


The WaterView Estates adult daycare program seeks to help by offering caregivers time to catch up or just unwind. and rest easy knowing your loved one is enjoying delicious meals and engaging social opportunities as a member of our family.


We offer services for both full and half days. Take advantage of our community for the occasional break or incorporate our services as part of your regular caregiving plan. Our staff looks forward to serving you.

Are you among the millions of Canadians who provide unpaid care for an adult aged 50 or older? It’s a tough task that is tempered by love and loyalty but regardless of how devoted you are to the aging loved one in your charge, you can’t do it all by yourself.


For many families, this is where adult daycare comes in. It’s a service that can keep your loved one busy and engaged, allowing you to keep working or to take a periodic break from caregiving. Adult daycare can be a godsend if you can’t afford full-time in-home care and your loved one:


  • Is frail or has dementia or other medical conditions
  • Can no longer structure their own daily activities
  • Finds it difficult to initiate activities like reading, conversation or watching television
  • Is isolated and lonely or desires peer interaction
  • Is anxious or depressed and needs social and emotional support


At WaterView Estates, we can help to choose the best option for you and for your loved one.  Let our staff help explain all your options, and we stand ready to serve you, even if we’re not your ultimate choice.

What Services and Amenities Are Provided in an Adult Day Care?

Estates of Niagara offers our Adult Daycare Program vary, with a nutritious midday meal, which your loved one can enjoy while socializing with other participants. As well, we provide a range of engaging events and activities pool and fitness and movement activities tailored to participants’ abilities, to birthday celebrations to trivia games, painting, or group conversations.  Our monthly program includes music or movies as well as outings to libraries, museums, parks, or other local attractions. As well, most deliver programs may incorporate exercises like dancing while others may focus more on stretching and chair exercises.

WaterView Estates also offer medical clinic services and alternative healthcare, such as:


  • Music or art therapy
  • Support groups or counseling
  • Nursing care
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapies


You won’t have to worry about transportation as our community will coordinate with a van or bus service that will pick up participants and return them home after the day’s activities.

What Are The Benefits of Adult Day Care Programs?

Still not convinced that our Adult Daycare Program is for you and your loved one.
Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits.

Respite From Caregiving

Oftentimes, caring for a sick family member with a disease like pancreatic cancer can lead to caregiver burnout,” Adult Daycare services can help relieve some of the stress, anxiety or exhaustion associated with caregiving. Not only will you get a break from looking after your parent, but you will have predictable hours when you can work, attend to personal needs, or run errands. Additionally, if your loved one enjoys day care they may feel happier overall, making it easier for you to provide care when they are home.

Remedy for Boredom

As far as your loved one goes, one of the chief benefits of adult day care is that it will allow them to participate in stimulating activities and stretch their wings. You will be surprised to learn that your love will get up and dance, something they have not attempted in decades. The brain likes change, and outside programs offer options family and loved ones would not consider.

An Antidote to Loneliness

A second reason that daycare might bring a smile to your loved one’s face is the opportunity to interact with other like-minded adults. Loved ones, who seldom see anyone outside of their own family often feel loneliness, a condition associated with depression. In addition, social isolation is linked to dementia, decreased resistance to infection, increased emergency admission, and a higher mortality risk.

Cure for Aimlessness

Retirement can be a curse for elderly adults who no longer have a concrete reason to leave the house. As days bleed together and the weeks march on, it’s easy to fall into a rut, staying up until the wee hours and sleeping in past noon, which may lead to everything from poor nutrition to depression to increased risk of dementia. Daily or even weekly trips to adult day care can anchor a new routine, giving your loved one a reason to get up, get dressed and get moving.

Additional Access to Crucial Services

All Canadians have full access to health care, but availability doesn’t always mean it’s easy for them to follow up on health care, especially if they have mobility issues or multiple medical issues. In cases like this, our on-site medical clinic offers our participant access to health care services and can make it easier for seniors to take care a plethora of health issues. If you are hesitant about enrolling your loved one in our Adult Daycare Program, consider registering them for a few sessions to see how it goes. Start small, with just a few hours per day or week, rather than diving into full-time day care.

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