Lesli Gaynor

Co-Housing Specialist

Lesli Gaynor is a real estate agent specializing in co-housing. In 2016, she founded GoCo Solutions, part of the Fridman Team at Forest Hill Real Estate, to help people navigate the process of co-operative real estate and find a home in the Toronto and GTA real estate market. Co-operative real estate – the purchase of an asset, which includes Life Membership Agreement for our Friendship Suite at the Estates of Niagara, between two or more parties – is becoming an attractive option for people who want ownership in real property, and are willing to share space, resources and community with others.

Prior to her career as a real estate agent, she was a business and community leader in Toronto for over 20 years as a social worker, policy writer, and founder of Mitzi’s restaurants. Lesli believes that everyone should have access to a safe and secure home, and that our homes are central to our well-being and the foundation for personal, social, community, and economic success. She is passionate about affordable cities and helping maintain homes in neighbourhoods they love.


As well as supporting her clients, Lesli hosts events and conferences to educate about co-housing and the many opportunities at Estates of Niagara. These have included ‘Co-housing speed dating evenings, to match prospective home buyers together. Recently, with technology students from the University of Waterloo, she launched Husmates.com, a matching service app that partners people who are interested in becoming a ‘mortgage couple’ or family and is working toward expanding this site with a new section called 55+ Husmates. She has participated in many articles and made media appearances to advocate for affordable housing solutions. Lesli lives in the Parkdale area of Toronto with her partner Jules and their housemates.