We welcome you to live without the worries, responsibilities and isolation and enjoy the freedom, friendships and possibilities offered in these vibrant communities, which are secure, and we immerse our residents in warmth and comfort, creating a true feeling of home, safety and security.


Each community offers different services and the beauty of becoming a Lifestyle resident, Charter or Club Member, gives you the ability to use all the amenities and services offer at WaterView Estates.

A-La-Carte Concierge Services

We offer personalized assistance, nursing, housekeeping, and social activities to meet the needs of our Residents and their guest.  We take time to assess your wants and needs to ensure that we can provide you with the appropriate information about the care and support you may need.


Services may include on-site personal care support such as routine hygiene, dressing, daily visits, or phone check-ins as well as other services such as housekeeping, shopping, meal prep and transportation


Stoneridge Estates: 
Club Membership Agreement for services

WaterView Estates and Wellness Suites:
Monthly fees include Club Membership

Assisted Supportive Living (ASL)

Independent Supportive Living  (ISL)

A-La-Carte Services

  • Friends and Family Unit – 1 night $250.00
  • Friends and Family Unit – multiple nights – $195.00 per night
  • Second Occupant in the Suite – $590.00 per month
  • Catered Food plan (30 Lunches P/M) Hospitality Room – $400.00
  • Catered Food plan (15 Lunches P/M) Hospitality Room – $225.00
  • Member & Guest Lunch – $20.00 P/P- (subject to availability)
  • In Suite Lunch Tray delivery service – $9.00 per tray
  • Pet Friendly – $28.00 per month each (maximum 9 kg or 20 lbs.)
  • Additional car underground parking – $100.00 per month
  • Monthly lease credit of $50.00, if parking space is not required.
  • Monthly Land/cell phone service – $36.00 per suite
    Upgraded TV and Internet – $58.00 per Suite
  • Security and Monitoring (Initial Set up $300.00) monthly $25.00
  • Housekeeping Package (4 hours per week) – $480 per month
  • Additional Housekeeping – (2 hours) – $80.00
  • Basement Storage Locker – $40.00 per month (subject to availability)
  • Local moving into a suite – $1,600.00 (add $250.00 for communal area), within the Niagara Region
  • Local moving into a full unit – $3,400.00, within the Niagara Region

Concierge Personal Membership Services 

  • Personal Care Services (2 – 45-minute sessions per week) – $180.00 per month
  • Medical (Third Party) House Call – (fees apply) 
  • Daily Living Assistance (4 – ½ hour sessions per week) $320 P/M
  • Night checks – $158.00 per month (8 to 9PM daily)
  • Daily Prompting and reminders -$69.00 per month
  • Monthly Driving/Escorting – (1 Trip per week -3 Hours) $360.00- (Subject to availability)
  • Private parties – see your concierge – $100.00 clean up fee
  • Happy hour 5 to 7 daily (Wine & Beer) $5.00 per glass

Concierge Estate Lifestyle Plus – Full Service

  • Housekeeping Package (5 hours per week)
  • Bathing Assistance (Monthly – 2 times per week)
  • Daily Prompting, reminders, and night checks (between 8 to 9 PM Daily)
  • Local Driving/Escorting- (notice required – 1 trip per week)

$899.00 per month 

$999.00 per month 

All prices are net of HST and the Estates of Niagara offers direct healthcare services for ISL and ASL residents within our Water View Estates property.


Accommodation and food preparation are regulated by the Health Protection and Promotion Act, and the associated guidelines for safe meal preparation, sanitation, and water quality. All kitchen facilities are inspected by local Public Health departments.


The Estates at Niagara, will make all the arrangements with third party suppliers and will handle the accounting, providing you with one monthly statement.  Monthly services are collected in advance by way of a credit card on file and you can cancel any service with 30-day written notice.

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