Independent Supportive Living (ISL)

Independent Supportive Living segment. Independent supportive living “ISL” are those members who require no or limited assistance with the tasks of daily living but would benefit from the social activation and meal preparation offered in a community setting and have the necessary means to pay for this type of accommodation.

The Community Needed.
The Lifestyle Deserved.

Spend your day doing exactly what you enjoy. Estates of Niagara provides a lifestyle promoting physical, mental, social, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. Our aging-in-place environment provides you the ability to live and thrive with purpose, passion, and joy, in whatever stage of life or living situation in which you find yourself. As a Life Membership  Owner, or Co-owner, who have access to both our wellness programs and optional A-La-Carte services.  The result is an invigorating life planned your way with dedicated support if and when you need it.

Spend your day doing exactly what you enjoy. Estates of Niagara provides a lifestyle promoting physical, mental, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being. Our aging-in-place environment provides you the ability to live and thrive with purpose, passion, and joy, in whatever stage of life or living situation in which you find yourself. As a Life Equity Estate Owner or Co-owner having access to our wellness programs and optional A-La-Carte services. the result is an invigorating life planned your way with dedicated support if and when you need it.

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8 benefits of Independent Supportive Living at a glance

Household maintenance and chores can be a burden for active adults. While some may find cooking or gardening therapeutic, other housework — such as bending over to clean floors or climbing ladders to change lightbulbs — can be time-consuming and may lead to unnecessary injuries.

Independent supportive living (ISL) residents don’t need to worry about lawn maintenance, home repairs, or housekeeping. Along with a wide range of amenities, these services are key benefits of independent living along with restaurant-style dining, help with errands, and transportation services.

Single active adults who live on their own, may not want to spend time cooking healthy, nutritious meals for one. Even those who enjoy cooking may find daily meal preparation a burden.

Independent living communities typically provide one to three meals each day in a common dining room. Menus are developed with nutritional needs in mind and cater to different dietary restrictions. Snacks and drinks may also be offered in all-inclusive facilities.

At the Estates of Niagara, Dining is a social experience for those who enjoy sharing good conversation over meals. It provides opportunities to catch up with friends and make meaningful connections.

However, some senior independent living apartments are equipped with full or partial kitchens for residents who enjoy cooking, want to host dinner guests, or simply prefer to have a quiet, private meal. The Estates of Niagara offers both dining opportunities

Many active adults age alone, while living alone doesn’t necessarily lead to loneliness, certain factors may make it more difficult for older adults to stay connected with loved ones. Chronic conditions, mobility impairment, lack of transportation, and changes in family dynamics — such as divorce or loss of loved ones — may contribute to isolation. Loneliness and isolation may worsen health conditions and increase the risk of cognitive decline.

Our Friendship Suites along with our Independent Supportive Lifestyle provides our residents with a built-in community of people at a similar stage of life. Shared amenities and a variety of make it easy for residents to engage with others and meet new friends

Our residents, who are active and engaged tend to live happier, fuller lives. However, issues like limited mobility and lack of transportation may be barriers for our residents who want to stay social.


The Estates of Niagara, Independent supportive lifestyle communities offers a variety of social activities to appeal to many tastes and preferences. Planned events focus on different aspects of wellness — physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Residents interested in connecting with like-minded people enjoy movie nights, fitness classes, book clubs, transportation to religious services and outings to theaters, and more.


While our amenities do vary in each of our communities, many residents find Independent Supportive Lifestyle, living encourage our members to stay active, healthy, and engaged without the need to go far.

Falls are a major health risk for older active adults, often leading to serious head and hip injuries. In fact, many adults end up at emergency rooms each year because of fall injuries.  Many things contribute to an increased risk of falls, including mobility impairments and home hazards. But, in some cases, it may be too costly to adapt a home to make it safe and accessible.

Our Independent living apartments homes and suites are designed with our residents in mind. Common areas and apartment units come with accessibility features to cater to different levels of physical ability. These often include wide doorways, low thresholds, well-lit spaces, handrails, walk-in showers and tubs, and much more.

Estates of Niagara offers 24-hour security monitoring to assist residents in case of an emergency. At WaterView Estates, each ISL or ASL resident has a personal emergency response device and/or emergency alert systems in apartment units so our residents can get help at the push of a button.

Older active adults are at increased risk of car accidents. While some independent living residents may choose to continue to drive, they may also rely on the convenience of scheduled, transportation services provided by Estates of Niagara for group outings, or private limousine service medical appointments, shopping, and other personal errands.

Moving to an Estate of Niagara Lifestyle Community doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your furry friends. All our communities are Pet Friendly. However, some may have rules and restrictions related to the types, size, and number of pets.  If you’re planning to bring a pet to live with you, be sure to ask about our pet policy and fees.

Estates of Niagara Independent Supportive Lifestyle (ISL) living Includes the following amenities:

  • Beauty salons and barbershops
  • Movie theater
  • Library
  • Walking paths, communal garden, or courtyard
  • Pool or spa
  • Fitness center
  • Art and crafts studio
  • Health clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Clinic
  • Private event spaces
  • Family and Friends unit 

Estates of Niagara offer lifestyle communities intentionally designed with ample common spaces surrounded by private apartment homes. Each home within our community includes both private spaces and common spaces like a large kitchen and dining room, laundry, and recreational areas and outdoor walkways, open space, pool, gardens, and parking. Neighbours use these spaces to play together, cook for one another, share tools, and work collaboratively. Common property is managed and maintained by Estates of Niagara, providing even more opportunities for growing relationships.



So many reasons!


Our planet is running out of resources and the cost of housing is almost out of this world. Estates of Niagara has found the sweet spot with Co-Ownership Suites, spreading the concept of sharing with your neighbours, which may not feel normal, but will feels great when you do it.


Sharing means that you do not need more stuff, everything is at your figure tips, as a community.  House members will often pitch in to buy things that are owned by everyone, or just a small group that is interested.  Living within an upscale luxury private community makes it easy to pass a shared item around so everyone can use it when they need or want it. 


Members of our community often exchange information or tips about the items they are sharing.  Our members are learning from each other and by sharing there is less waste, which is more economical and better for the environment 


As Active Adults, we are all looking for a community of like-minded people.  Option Co-Housing creates the sense of Community that members crave, need to survive, and allow us to age-in-place.  Healthy communities don’t just happen. 
Our members thrive most when the community cares for each other.  Living together brings relationships to the forefront of everyday living, and ensures that we will be aware of others and their needs.  Many social opportunities are available, making life more enriching for everyone in our communities. 


Studies have shown that socialization improves mental and physical health, allowing our members to experience it every day. Living in a Lifestyle Community will give you a sense of well-being, more energy, and joy.  When the essential parts of life, are common to everyone, things are just easier, as there is a support system all around you.  Optional co-housing / co-ownership is a robust and satisfying way of life. 


We laugh together at happy hour, parties, weekly potluck dinners, daily activities, poolside fun, gardening, games, crafts, and hobbies.  Finding camaraderie with others who love the things you love and enjoy doing, by doing them together and discussing them over dinner.  As a member of our Co-Ownership Lifestyle community, you will find yourself doing things, you would never have imagined, and having fun doing them. Activities that you always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity.


You will find yourself laughing at silly, unexpected joys, and finding contentment in hobbies reborn with shared interest with your neighbours, resulting in more gratitude in your life and smiles every day.


Your next chapter awaits you, giving you the opportunity to grow in compassion and gratitude as you begin to see things from a new broader perspective. When you choose to become an Owner member, you are choosing to live with a whole new family of like-minded active adults, where you can explore ideas, structures and ways of being, shifting and improving your collective consciousness.


As our members grow, our communities will bring forth more and better practices. Each community works as a true democracy: a system of government by the whole population, exposing the richness of diverse viewpoints, learning to put your confidence in each other rather than in policies or rules, as you become a full participant in the governance of your home.


By being part of an active adult lifestyle community, the power of many creates possibilities.  You will be leaving behind the isolation that is rampant in our society and entering a new pathway to collaboration, friendship, and kindness in an environment that reduces competition and division.  Bit by bit, you will become the best you and invite others to join you on your journey.


A lifestyle Community is a move away from the traditional individual family housing. Today, active adults have a choice about where they want to live, having a dramatic impact on their future. Being part of a community of like-minded owners, means more interaction with others, more social times and far less strain. 


As a member of a household, you choose how often to eat together and how to share the work and the costs of common meals.  Every day as you live in your private suites, you decide together how often we work and play together. 


Because you share resource, we can decide together if we want to support an organization by hosting an event or increase our food production by adding a garden. Allowing you to choose from moment to moment whether you want to be in a private space or a social space. With neighbours close at hand interaction is right outside your door. At the same time, you have plenty of private space to call your own, enjoying the retreat of your quiet home whenever that feels right to you.  

Giving Back

An active adult Lifestyle Community attracts giving kinds of people. Communities include people who are involved in charitable and political work of all kinds. It turns out the giving is contagious, and the impact of each person is amplified as neighbors learn from neighbours and close living facilitates collaboration.  We gather for a workday and spend joyful hours making our common property more beautiful. If there are sore muscles in the end, they mostly remind us of camaraderie and shared accomplishment. 


You will find yourself taking on projects that make our community richer even as everyone is doing work, they are passionate about.  Gratitude abounds. It’s so much easier to give to others in a lifestyle community. You will have plenty of opportunities to provide nurture by caring for and helping others.  Feeding a pet while someone is on vacation is fast and simple when they are right next door instead of across town. I can take a plate to someone who needs one without even wrapping it up, and you will quickly know what they like to eat. You will love giving to your neighbours. Most of the time it costs you far less than what someone else receives. 

Saving Financial benefits for our Lifestyle Community

We spend less as a household community because you share in the common expenses, based on your percentage of ownership within the apartment home or suite.  Working together builds relationships and skills and leaves us with money to buy things that benefit the household.  The choices made to reduce energy usage also reduce utility bills for our common property. You will spend less because you will need less.



 You can share car expenses with others, and you will find that you will not drive as much because so many things that you care about are already within our communities. The need for socialization and connection fulfilled, you will not be as tempted by internet shopping or impulsive purchases.  Under our leasing program, you only have one monthly fee which covers all the basis services, and you can also contract for additional monthly services from our A-La- Carte Program.


An active adult lifestyle community uses fewer of the world’s resources and occupies less land than suburban neighbourhoods without feeling crowded, uses less energy and invests collectively in green technologies. This reduces consumption of valuable resources as well as pollution and global warming making the world a better place for everyone.  



We share ideas and encourage each other to adopt more and more planet-friendly habits. We share the work of composting and recycling to make it easier for everyone. We share rides to reduce our transportation impact. We surround each other with sustainable ways of being and forget there is any other option.  It’s so easy to live green when you collaborate with others.



You are learning new ideas over dinner and have all the support you need to implement them by following your neighbours’ examples. Trying to be green all by yourself is overwhelming. In cohousing, you are empowered to live the way you believe you should and feel great about reducing the impact on the planet.


Estates of Niagara is a model for an interconnected and relational world. In a world that has shifted too far toward individualism and craves an illusive sense of oneness, optional co-housing shows that collaboration and belonging can be part of everyday life. We are tribal beings who have strayed too far from tribal life. We offer a proximal tribe where we can relearn a culture of interdependence, preserve the best of individualism, and carry that wholeness into the broader culture. 



Within our lifestyle community we cross paths often, weaving a web of relationship that become our home. Simply stepping outside the front door brings us together, begins conversations, and welcomes engagement. These incidental interactions are expanded in regular gatherings for meals and social activities. The presence of friendly neighbours becomes so routine we forget that most suburban neighbourhoods rarely experience this type of relationship. We thrive in a sense of belonging. We feel secure in the safety of numbers.

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