Friendship Suites

Friendship Suites from the Mid 250’s

An active social life is the core of our community, being active keeps our members young and in the best spirits. Friendship suites offer a unique opportunity to live with someone else while having your own private space, giving you someone to have morning coffee with, chat over your favorite tv shows, eat a meal and even bond over favorite activities. 

Each two-bedroom Apartment Home Unit can be divided into Friendship Suites, each with a private bedroom, sitting area, access to a balcony or ground floor terrace, bath, and closet, along with communal living, dining, and kitchen.


Members can acquire the exclusive use of a Friendship Suite for their personal use and control.


This allows residents to share a unit and related household cost. Each contributes to and is accountable for, household decisions with up to two residents per suite.

Some restrictions and charges may apply

Sharing household costs, for food, utilities, property taxes and insurance, will result in a higher standard of living.  Our Lifestyle Community promotes and encourages healthy social interaction to improve overall wellbeing. 


Our members residents are better able to “age at home” using home care initiatives with outside suppliers which is more affordable within our lifestyle communities.  At Estates of Niagara, we can accommodate your changing needs, allowing you to remain independent as a resident within our communities.

Live with other residents that are thriving with an active lifestyle and enjoying life to its fullest.  

Acquire a Life Membership Agreement for a Friendship Suite and meet with like-minded Members. 


A Life Membership Agreement for a Suite is transferrable or leasable (through our leasing program, subject to approval and fees). At Estates of Niagara, we have adapted this concept to suite the requirements of our members who wish to be part of our Lifestyle Community.


In addition, Estates of Niagara In-Home Support Services are available for each apartment home (Unit) or Friendship Suite, should there be a need for extra care, including the following services like grocery shopping, meal preparation, housekeeping, and administering the household budget, while promoting a healthy and safe environment. 


Estates of Niagara will facilitate the application and selection process to ensure that a new member chooses the right apartment home (Unit) or Friendship Suite, based upon his or her support needs and lifestyle choices. Our Friendship Suites are particularly suitable for our members who no longer want to live alone, or realize they require more assistance with daily living, but still want privacy and the value of real property.

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