One monthly payment. You no longer will pay for separate utilities, insurance, property taxes, and all those other monthly maintenances and yearly bills that you pay when you remain in your own home. Your Membership documents will include your lease, utilities and services agreement, resulting in one monthly fee. 


You may have more money available than you realize. Typically, our members have access to pension plan benefits along with other income such as savings and equity from the sale of their family home. 

Leasing in Ontario refers to leased accommodations (for approved charter members only), based on single occupancy of a suite, which fall under the Residential Tenancies Act regarding lease laws as they apply to your suite at the Estates. A written lease agreement, will be provided which will include annual increases with 90 days written notice.

All your standard Suite costs are under one monthly paymentYour dedicated membership support team will walk you through your Membership Life Lease Agreement along with your Utility and Services Agreements. We will also review some of the costs of aging at home vs. moving into a Lifestyle Community and the benefits there within.

Two key factors that can affect your decision to acquire a Life Membership or a lease will depend at what stage of life are you at and what are your current finances are?

One year term, and subject annual increase with 90 days written notice.

Once you are approved as a Silver Charter Member and have paid the required membership fees, then your lease will require first and last months payment in advance,  any deposits for your services agreements, which include utilities and A-La-Carte Services, plus any second person charge, where applicable. 

Yes, there are rules and regulation for all Members and a copy of the rules and regulation are attached to the lease agreement.

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