Life Membership Acquisition

Refers to the corporate owned, 55+ active Adult Lifestyle Community, managed by the Estates of Niagara, for the development of two Lifestyle communities located in the Niagara Peninsula, with a total of 165 units sharing common areas and amenities.  

Offering the next generation of Life Membership with optional Co-housing, where each apartment home Unit can house up to 4 residents. Your Life Membership Agreement entitles you the exclusive right of use of an apartment home (Unit) or a Suite.

Life Membership Agreement

  • Apartment Home (Unit): As a Charter or Club Member, you can acquire an exclusive use apartment home (Unit) for your personal use and control of all aspects, including the option to place a suite within your unit into the management leasing program (see lease Agreement). 
  • Note: As a Life Member, you purchase your new home and pay monthly utilities based on smart submetering and monthly common maintenance fees.  Owners and Co-Owners will receive a separate tax bill for their unit. Your Life Membership unit comes with a full two-year Warranty. 
  • A Life Membership Agreement is transferable or leasable on the open market (subject to approval and fees). At Estates of Niagara, we have adapted this concept to the unique requirements of our members who wish to be part of our Lifestyle Community.
  • The total Charter and Club Membership Enrollment fees are determined by the Estates of Niagara, based on the selected apartment home (Unit) or Suite and is further described in the Life Membership Agreement.
  • As a ISL Life Membership Holder, you have an independent lifestyle within our community:
    1. Making your own meals and having the option to have the main lunch meal of the day with fellow residents.
    2. Friendship Suite residents can share their operating, food and car expenses.
    3. Each apartment home (Unit) comes with one parking space.
    4. Residents can independently contract services and home health providers, allowing them to age in place, at a lower economical cost based on a shared care arrangement or acquire services listed on our A-La-Carte Services list.


Residents may experience features such as:

  • A 24-hour, self-serve café-tearoom where there is always someone to chat with over a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Improvements to your wellbeing with increased activities and socializing with like-minded members.
  • We offer a smooth transition if you’re moving from out of town. The Niagara Region offers a great natural environment and is convenient to a variety of amenities.
  • Occupying a Friendship Suite with other approved Members to share the household expenses.


We will assist in the resale of your Life Membership, at a cost of 10%, which includes real estate fee, legal expenses, and administration.  You will retain 90% of the current values on the date of transfer to a new member, less any needed repairs to the unit or suite.

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