Our goal is to provide our members with one-of-a-kind health care that ensures the highest quality of health maintenance and disease prevention to help you live better and longer!

  • DNA testing for the length of your Telomer, key indicators of your true biological age and determine how quickly you age and ultimately, your life cycle. 
  • Biological age analysis
  • Super Vitamin IV Therapy
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replenishment
  • HGH & HCG Treatments
  • Detoxification
  • Natural Thyroid replacement therapy  
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Aesthetics and Natural Beauty Treatments

Is making it easy for our members to love a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.  While we offer a wide variety of amenities and programs designed to assist our Residents and Club members to maintain a healthy state for your body, mind and spirit with our wellness enhancement programs. 

In-depth medical assessment carried out by our on-site medical clinic which includes:

  • Detailed functional assessment of current health status, previous medical history, family medical history, lifestyle risk assessment, social history, review of systems and Detailed functional exam
  • Medical Systems Questionnaire

Body systems analysis including

  • Cardiovascular Assessment including resting and stress ECG
  • Lung Health including Spirometry testing
  • Metabolic Assessment
  • Gastrointestinal Assessment with optional Microbiome testing
  • Hormonal Assessment Questionnaire
  • Neurotransmitter assessment


A full cognitive testing of your mental capabilities such as memory, focus, information processing speed, attention and executive function using

  • MOCA test
  • CANTAB tool from Cambridge Cognition
  • Brain Care tool from Neuro Trax
  • Bredeson protocol assessment
  • Optional Functional MRI assessment

Extensive blood tests including Hematology, Biochemistry including lipoprotein profile, Vitamins, Minerals, inflammatory markers, tumor markers and hormones. 

  • Body composition analysis, scanning to assess body fat %, muscle mass and bone density
  • Individualized Fitness Assessment including Movement and Flexibility Analysis, Postural Assessments, Muscular strength and Endurance testing
  • Personalized Nutrition Assessment
  • Individualized genetic sequencing and nutrigenomics testing
  • Cellular performance tests used to calculate your true biological age


Treatment includes:

  • Optimization of biomarkers from blood and genetic testing including supplementation with vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals and bioidentical hormones
  • Nutrition and Exercise planning based on biomarker, genetic and fitness assessments
  • Training to improve cognitive and mental health

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