The Membership Approval Process

The Estates of Niagara as created a membership approval program, which allow our team to understand your needs and wants…


Open House at our Model Center – Potential Members will have an opportunity to meet with our management team through our Webinar Program.  Once our model center is opened, new and existing Members may will receive updates on the construction process and get an idea of how a Friendship Suite and membership programs work. Once we reach substantial completion of the project, we will open to group tours on weekends until the move-in Occupancy Date is established for each unit.  During this step, there will be a presentation about how our Membership Life Estate and leasing program works in general terms.  (If you want to find out more you will be required to sign up for Step #2, the Membership Presentation). 

STEP #2 - Lunch is served

Life Membership Presentation.

Estates of Niagara, focuses on more specific details of the current project and specific details of our membership selection process, followed by the rules & regulations, terms, definitions & how the Board of Directors uses the Best Practice Manual to govern the community. LUNCH is served – registration is required.  Book an in-home consultation with one of our qualified staff members.

STEP #3 - In-home consultation.

Potential Members are asked to complete a questionnaire with our House Coordinator who will ask simple questions, like who you are – your contact information and who your POA is, and who are your emergency contacts.


 What features are important to you? Do you love to feed the birds, garden, and paint or fix your car?  Do you have a pet? Do you want to live in an apartment home with a pet? Will you be able to downsize on your own? How much help do you need to make this move? Do you own a home now? Will it have to be sold before you make the move? 


We have established this process to ensure that individual needs of potential new Members are compatible with other residents of the selected apartment home.  The next part of the application process is about your personal care needs and wants.  For example, are you still able to dress and bath yourself, are you mobile, what disabilities do you have (hearing, seeing, ability, agility, memory) what type of food do you like, do you have dietary needs, are you interested in participating in the management of the community or the apartment home? What are your strengths and weaknesses?  Are you interested in volunteering?  Are you active in clubs, and organizations and do you drive?  All these questions may appear unnecessary, but it helps our House Coordinator determine if we are the right fit for your needs.


Invitation to the “Meet and Greet” gatherings…

Once you understand the selection process and feel this lifestyle option could work for you, it’s time to meet other approved members. We encourage you to attend our “Meet and Greet” gatherings to talk to the current Members and create relationships, share a meal, a coffee or even stay overnight if you want and they have room.

Step# 5

Family Meetings and Investment Meetings.

Finally, our team and the House Coordinator are available to meet with you and your family to be sure we have answered all your questions and to discuss our Life Estate Membership details. All this will help us to determine the suitability of shared living for you and your family.


Not sure that the Estates of Niagara and our Friendship Suite is right for you? Try before becoming a Life Estate Holder…

Once you are ready to move forward with your acquisition, you can add a “Try before you Buy” clause.