The Membership Approval Process

Estates of Niagara has created a membership approval program, which allow our team to understand your needs and wants…



Open House / Webinar – Potential Members will have an opportunity to meet with our dedicated membership support team through our webinar program.  New and existing members will receive updates on the construction process and get an idea of how our membership programs work through our newsletter and at our monthly open houses. Once we reach substantial completion of the project, we will open to group tours until the occupancy date is established for each unit.  During this step, there will be a presentation about how our Life Membership and leasing program work in general terms. 

STEP #2 - Lunch is served

Life Membership Presentation.

Join us, as we focus on more of the specific details of our membership selection process, project updates followed by the rules & regulations, terms, definitions & how the Board of Directors uses the Best Practice Manual to govern the community. LUNCH is served – registration is required. 

STEP #3 - In-home consultation.

Potential Members will meet with our Club Manager,  to complete a simple questionnaire about their lifestyle, wants, and needs.


We have created a process to ensure the individual needs of potential new Members are compatible with other residents within the community.  We use the questionnaire to help our Club Manager determine if we are the right fit for your needs.

Step# 4

Family Meetings and Investment Meetings.

Our dedicated membership support team and club manager are available to meet with you and your family to be sure we have answered all your questions and to discuss our Life Estate Membership details. All this will help us to determine the suitability of living in our lifestyle community for you and your family.


Invitation to the “Meet and Greet” gatherings…

Once you understand the selection approval process and feel this lifestyle option works for you, it’s time to meet other approved members. We encourage you to attend our “Meet and Greet” gatherings to talk to the current Members and create relationships, share a meal, or a coffee, or even stay overnight if space is available.


Try before you buy

Not sure if Estates Of Niagara and our friendship suites are right for you? Our Try Before You Buy program allows you to experience our community in person before becoming a Life membership holder.

Ready To Become a Member?

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