The Journey of Membership

Chapter One:

Curious about the approval process

Our dedicated membership support team and the Club Manager will work closely with you to complete a questionnaire in order to determine if our Lifestyle community is right for you. We will review in detail your wants and your needs to determine what membership suits you best and will allow you to age in place. As your needs change we will be there to support you and empower you to live your best life! Our 6 step process will assist you and your family in this very important decision.

Chapter Two :

Try before you Buy

Our Silver Charter membership program is geared to our leasing clients.


Not sure, our Communities are right for you? Lease a Suite for a term of 3 to 6 months, paid in full prior to occupancy with no obligation to  acquire a Life Membership unless you decide to do so. This option gives you the benefit of slowing the process down to ensure you are satisfied. We are here to help and will do whatever we can to support your needs.

Chapter Three:

Memberships has its perks

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Chapter Four :

Aging In Place


Chapter Five :

Estates Planning

A Redemption fee is payable to your estate at the time the Life Membership interest is transferred to a new approved Member at 90% of the agreed upon current market value (less repairs) at the time of the transfer of your Life Membership interest.



If approved by the Member’s Estate, the unit or suite will be placed into the leasing program and the estate will receive the net income, as per the Leasing Agreement. This option will continue until the unit or suite is transferred to the new approved member.

Ready To Become a Member?

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